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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #677


The Amazing Spider-Man #677 (Mark Waid, Emma Rios)

The Good

For starters, I have to applaud Marvel in bringing Mark Waid over to write a few issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN while pulling double duty on DAREDEVIL. It’s fitting, because the latter teams up with Spidey in this issue for some hi-jinks.

But here’s the thing: Waid writes Spider-Man and Daredevil in having a kind of comraderie that I never thought them having before. In short, Spidey and Hornhead act like long-time bros in this issue, and it suits them immensely.

Hearing Daredevil saying that his swining routes have changed because of renovations to a building and a lack of “grip points” switched on a lightbulb in my head that made me think “Hey! They do travel using the same method. Why wouldn’t they talk about “traffic conditions” like any other commuter?

Spider-Man has a great personality in this issue, and it shows during certain exchanges with Black Cat; as a recently-dumped dude, his desperation shows, and the boiling over point where he tells Daredevil that he’s “Having a bad day, dammit!” really made me smile. We can tell this is one of the many bad days Peter has dealt with during his life, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

The Bad

The only thing I can say that I didn’t like about this issue is the art; I find that it was far too messy/gritty for the story it was telling, and at times Peter simply didn’t look like Peter. I know the brown-hair-and-lean build isn’t exactly unique, but there’s always been unique indicators that keep Pete, Pete.

In this issue there was some of those missing, which is a pity, considering the praiseworthy art that’s been present in DAREDEVIL and this title in the past.

The Verdict

Like I said above, this issue makes great use of characters, and has a witty use of technology to involve both Spider-Man and Daredevil’s powers. There’s a bit of misdirection with DD’s blindness that pays off in a big way, which left me grinning.

I think what’s most important to realize in this issue is that it harkens back to the old-school team-up, and it manages to refresh it nicely. No longer does Daredevil “just happen to be in the neighborhood”; Spider-Man finds him due to their past association, and characters from both stories intertwine. I loved seeing continuity between the two titles, and it only served to reinforce that these are some of Marvel’s best books right now.


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I always kinda found Daredevil’s/Spider-Man’s bromance kinda weird because of just how sporadic writers can be about it. It’s nice when someone remembers “oh yeah, they’re buddies” because it feels like Spidey doesn’t have enough friends to relate to. Yeah, he has his Avengers buddies but most of them fight dudes like Magneto and Doctor Doom and Galactus and Thanos. Even when he jokes around with them or whatever there’s always this weird invisible line sometimes of “oh, right, you guys had all that stuff with the Infinity Gauntlet. I, uh, had clones and someone tried to kill my aunt a couple times”. That’s been kinda fixed more recently what with him hanging out with guys like Shang-Chi and such more often but I think hanging with Daredevil reigns it in a bit better because he kinda has/had a relatively normal day job compared to, say, cat burglers and kung-fu masters.