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I have never had a vote I’ve taken where I have felt that I let down more people that believed in me.
Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski • Describing the hostile environment she recently returned to in Alaska, while making an appearance at the opening of the annual Iditarod sled dog race, during a recent interview with a reporter from the The News Tribune. Murkowski, the second write-in candidate ever to win a spot in the Senate, found herself the target of a great deal of vitriol from female voters who felt betrayed by the woman they helped secure an unlikely seat in Congress. Senator Murkowski explained that, while she believed she was casting a vote in the name of religious freedom when she supported the Blunt Amendment last week, said that, after her experiences this weekend, she would not vote the same if given another opportunity. source (viafollow)


In which David Frum goes into an impressive rant via Twitter.

You can read, so I’ll let you do just that.

For those not familiar with Twitter, you should read this from the bottom up.

The lie was that somehow she was asking that taxpayers pay for contraception. The policy is that in basic insurance policies, contraception — contraceptive services, birth control, should be included. … Even in his sort of quasi-apology last night, Mr. Limbaugh continued that falsehood, and it needs to be challenged.
Obama adviser David Axelrod • Not accepting Rush Limbaugh’s apology to Sandra Fluke and pointing out that the apology continued to sell what Axelrod described as a falsehood. Rush would probably respond back to this by saying the government should have no role in funding “basic insurance policies.” But really, does this argument have to keep going? (via shortformblog)
Advertisers start pulling out of Rush Limbaugh’s show


  • 4 companies pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show today source

» Why? Because of this, of course. Really, we’re surprised that anyone offended by this wasn’t offended by anything else Limbaugh’s said over the last twenty years. Regardless, advertisers aren’t the only ones reacting negatively to Limbaugh’s comments.

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Rush’s attempt to increase his ratings and get noticed again do hurt Republicans…beating up on a college student is not good optics.
A senior Republican strategist • In response to Rush Limbaugh’s calling a pro-contraception college student a “slut” and a “prostitute” earlier this week. What we find interesting is that the speaker in question is identified by the Washington Post as “a senior party strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly out of wariness of crossing Limbaugh publicly.” This speaks not only to the enormous power Limbaugh wields amongst the Republican base, but also the sense of legitimacy that the GOP establishment continues to bestow upon him by refusing to denounce his statements publicly. To his credit, Rick Santorum, who’s as anti-contraception as anybody, called Limbaugh’s comments “absurd.”  source (viafollow)
Sen. Roy Blunt’s health care “conscience” amendment voted down


  • 51-48 Senate defeat for the Blunt amendment source

» Roy Blunt, blunted: The amendment authored by the Missouri senator was a response, initially, to a very public dispute between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration over contraception insurance. If passed into law, it would have stated that any employers could deny a certain type of health care service if that service violated their religious beliefs, or moral conscience. The latter provision is the key one – there isn’t a stipulation as to what constitutes a moral objection, which means employers would have a great deal of power over workers’ health care. One person who might benefit from this failure? Mitt Romney, who publicly flip-flopped on it yesterday. He’d likely be happy just to have it out of the news cycle.

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When the woman answered the door, she looked at my daughter and said, ‘We don’t support Girl Scouts because they support abortion, which kills babies.’
Girl Scout troop leader Kim Douglas • Discussing a recent situation her 10-year-old daughter faced when going door-to-door to sell cookies. Douglas’ daughter, by the way, didn’t know what abortion was. “It left my daughter very shocked, confused,” Douglas said. “She said, ‘Mommy, something creepy happened to me.’” By the way: The Girl Scouts, which have faced much culture war heat of late (including this guy we posted about Monday), take no position on abortion or contraception, so the woman was incorrect. (via shortformblog)