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Attack names, they matter. 

See? Shotaro gets it.


Kamen Rider Wizard Land Henshin (Earth power)


Screenshots from a commercial for a live-action tokusatsu crossover(?) stage show featuring the Kakuranger team (and their enemies), Ryuranger and Hououranger from Dairanger, Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger from Zyuranger, and Kamen Rider J.

You might recognize Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger as the original Red and Green rangers from Power Rangers, the Kakurangers as the Alien Rangers, and Kakuranger baddy Gasha Skull as Rito Revolto. The Dairanger suits were never used in Power Rangers footage, aside from the white one. I, uh, have no idea whether Kamen Rider J showed up in Saban’s Masked Rider. I have been informed that footage from Kamen Rider J did in fact show up in Saban’s Masked Rider.

Images made some years ago from a VHS recording of a TV broadcast episode of Kakuranger.

Part 2 of 2.

Wizard Forms: Flame Style, Water Style, Hurricane Style, Land Style


Kamen Rider Wizard in a TVNEWS

Thank you auntie @kurenaiwataru for the info :D


Either he will appear in the episodes or in the summer movie

Fighting Virgo and Pisces  and together with Fourze and Meteor.