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Today Jojo draws Warpath.

Last week, I gave Jojo a copy of Rob Liefeld’s X-Force #1. She had two reactions:

1) “What’s wrong with this art? Are those supposed to be capes?”

2) “All these names sound like My Little Pony Names.”

So today we get Warpath and his pony counterpart, with a twist! You see, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic did an episode that was a thinly veiled metaphor for the conflict between Native Americans and the westward expansion of the USA. In that episode, the natives were portrayed as buffalo. So now we get to play a fun game called: Which Franchise Has The More Unfortunate Depictions of Native Americans?

X-Force: Jojo captured some of the problems with Warpath, most notably that Liefeld had no idea what the fringe on his arms was supposed to be and drew it standing erect at weird angles. Liefeld didn’t design the costume though, Warpath is wearing the outfit his dead brother, Thunderbird, wore in the 70s. So, his name is Warpath and in the comics, his skin was literally colored red (something Jojo tastefully did not do). So that’s not great.

My Little Pony: Jojo’s Warpath Buffalo seems to be thinking, “Really? A buffalo? So… Native Americans are buffaloes? Does that mean we’re meant to read every pony as white? Really? C’mon!”

So the winner of Which Franchise Has The More Unfortunate Depictions of Native Americans? is: NOBODY! (Certainly not Native Americans).


Today Jojo draws Cannonball!

Here’s the low down: I gave Jojo a copy of Rob Liefeld’s X-Force #1. She’s had two reactions to it, “What the fuck is wrong with this art?” and, “All their names sound like My Little Pony names.” So this week she is drawing X-Force characters AND the ponies she wishes they were.

Cannonball the human is fairly accurate. She drew him in mid flight, in fact she insisted that he never appears in the comic when he’s not flying. She said, “I assumed he was shot out of a cannon, zoomed by, and never came back.” It’s understandable, considering this is what he looks like when hanging out. She thought that was a woman. She made his explodey fire start at his legs (it’s supposed to start at his waist) which makes it look like he’s farting the fire.

Cannonball the pony has a cannonball for a cutie mark and is a pegasus who can not fly. It’s okay though, Jojo says, “She doesn’t mind falling.”


X-Men by Adi Granov // X-Men, X-Force & New Mutants

It’s Adi Granov’s birthday, so I’m throwing up some photosets showing off his awesome covers:

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